In November 2004, several industrial companies operating in the Hinton, Alberta area discussed the concept of developing a formal collaborative structure, and in May 2005, the concept came to fruition as the Caribou Landscape Management Association (CLMA). At inception, it was agreed that the CLMA would operate under the umbrella of the Foothills Model Forest.

In the spring of 2008, the Foothills Model Forest officially changed its name to the Foothills Research Institute. At the same time, the CLMA changed its name to the Foothills Landscape Management Forum (FLMF). Essentially, the new name better reflects the group’s desire to evolve from promoting integrated landscape management for a single species to a broader range of values.

There are no policies or specific obligation for the participating companies to be members of the FLMF. Membership is strictly voluntary and any member can choose to opt out at any time. It is the broadness of our partnership that makes us successful; we have a representative from five forestry companies, six energy companies, one indigenous community, and various ministries from the Government of Alberta.

Annual membership fees solely fund FLMF activities and accomplishments.